• 設計類別:工業設計/產品設計


              • 行業屬性:手持設備


              • 項目挑戰:外觀設計簡潔、優雅、美觀,手感要舒適
              • DESIGN CATEGORIES: Industrial/product design

                SERVICE CONTENT: Design/structural design

              • INDUSTRY ATTRIBUTES: Handheld devices

                DESIGN REQUIREMENTS: Fashion/beautiful

              • PROJECT CHALLENGES: Bank lobby machine needs to be placed in a prominent position, so the design effect to beautiful generous, modern, technology-based.

              - 警用短款手持機設計案例

              PUBLISHED ON 12-27-2016

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              CREATIVE DESCRIPTION: This section of the Internet of Things handheld terminal logistics and transportation, inventory management, the medical industry has been widely used, the hospital wards in the use of the environment, can facilitate the statistics, statistics and medical records of patients, the machine with white and blue to express medical Color industry's affinity, and from the product arrangement and the location of the button on the ingenuity, to show the unique charm of the design, the rear of the lines of man-machine processing is to highlight the products in the handheld device counterparts in the product Characteristics and personality.


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